About Mary Durant

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Artist & Photographer

Mary Durant is tenth generation Celtic/Acadian maritimer who grew up wanting to be a cowgirl. Themes from Celtic folk tales, Acadian ghost stories, and western adventures run throughout her photographs. Mary comes from an artistic family of musicians, painters, dancers, and photographers and has been taking photographs since childhood starting with a Kodak Brownie to 35mm film Minolta to today shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II Digital. Mary now lives in Southern Alberta on the Milk River Ridge. Her work has been shown at the arts centre, CASA in Lethbridge, Alberta: Exterior Digital Gallery, celebrating the rodeo bucking horses (I Shoot Horses) and Interior Digital Gallery exploring the relationship between horses and humans (The 5,000 Year Old Interspecies Affair). One of her bucking horses photos was also featured on the cover of Lethbridge Living, Summer, 2018. Mary photographs character portraits, fine art, rodeo, the land and anything with horses.